Real Car Chases

Ah, car chases, the concept that if you try to run, the cops will hunt you down with every single possible vehicle they have at their disposal. Chases look awesome on film, with close calls, busy intersections, plenty of stuff being run over, and occasionally, a few dramatic explosions. That’s actually a Hollywood inspired myth, as there are actually plenty of rules and requirements that have to be met before you ever get engaged by a patrol car on a full pursuit –but while real life car chases will never be as cinematic as the ones we see in film, the amount of danger they pose to the ones involved and the many innocent bystanders, is absolutely incalculable.

The Most Dangerous Car Chase Done for a Film

We are starting off this list with a pretty unexpected entry: a car chase from a movie. In The French Connection, the protagonist chases after a hijacked train across the streets of New York. While the train never leaves the tracks –the car encounters plenty of obstacles along the way –but somehow manages to keep chase. The danger with this scene is that it was all done without any permission from the City of New York. Yeah, we will let that fact sink in for a bit.

One can imagine the amount of careful preparation that it takes to prepare any kind of Hollywood stunt –from body doubles, to fake explosions, to so many off-camera safety devices. And here we have a chase scene that was anything but sanctioned by the local officials. A combination of great driving skills, unbelievable camera work, and a miraculous amount of luck gave us all a dramatic chase scene that is critically acclaimed for years to come, and the more important fact that no one was actually hurt while they filmed it.

Largest Amount of Officers Suspended for a Chase

Cleveland’s police force had to reprimand and suspend 63 officers as a result of a car chase that became really deadly. Car chases, by their nature, are outright dangerous. But when officers decide that they can start using their firearms, it becomes an all new issue altogether.

According to various reports, a vehicle sped past the Cleveland police station and along with it, was the sound much like that of a gunshot. Some speculate that it may have simply been the sound of the car backfiring, but there is no way to prove either theory. In any case, two officers got on their patrol car and gave chase to the suspect. The pursuit when through residential areas, the highway, and ended when they reached East Cleveland.

Along the way, it was stated by the union that the suspects attempted to run over an officer during the chase. Because of this, the pursuing officers decided to open fire. By the end of the chase, a total of at least 137 shots were fired, and both the driver and the passenger in the vehicle were dead. While the suspect did have a criminal record, it is not known why he chose to flee when he was being pursued.

The Biggest Danger of Car Chases is Present All the Time


Not that this particular chase is ‘the most dangerous’, but it does show everyone why pursuits are dangerous in the first place. And for that reason alone, this chase deserves a spot on list. The on-air death of a bank robber may seem a little graphic for viewers, but it is a stern reminder to everyone that breaking the law has severe consequences. According to the news report, live footage is not as “live” as one thinks. There is a slight amount of lag or delay –about 5 five seconds worth, so that the TV crew can sort out if the next few seconds can be shown on camera.

What happened was that after a long car chase, the suspect got off on foot and shot at the police forcing them to return fire, the suspect got killed in the return volley. This was aired since no one in the TV station managed to stop the footage fast enough. There are plenty of discussions to be held with regards to the responsibility of media, or the positive sides of having news unfiltered. But the main point is that you do not get involved in a car chase unless you do something bad enough to be considered as a threat. And if the police consider you to be enough of a threat to the safety of community, then they will take you down as fast as they can. Most Dangerous Repercussions

There are plenty of inherent dangers in a car chase – but when you’re ramming down barricades outside the White House and Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., you’re just begging to get put down by America’s finest.

Until now, no one knows the motivation of Miriam Carey, a 34 year old dental hygienist some Stamford, Conn. with regards as to why she chose ram her way into the White House gates. Speeding into the checkpoint, several officers attempted to place barricades to discourage her from moving in further but she kept running over them. One officer was rammed by the vehicle and suffered injuries. Unable to get into the White House, Carey then fled into the city streets, past several major intersections, and eventually ended up at the Capitol. Eventually the woman crashed, and while on foot, she was shot down by the police. To make things even more complicated, Carey was driving with a 1 year old toddler inside her car. Fortunately, the toddler remained unharmed throughout the whole incident.